my go to swimsuits

read my thoughts on bikinis and about my favorite swimsuit brand below!
my go to swimsuits
I remember always wanting to wear bikinis when I was younger and asking my mom all the time for my first one! I eventually got one and several followed, but to be honest I have never felt fully comfortable in them. I love playing around in the pool and ocean and with my brothers and riding waterslides at a waterpark in my hometown but I always feel like I'm going to lose my swimsuit! I even have a pretty 'petite' figure and I rarely think I look good in them. The older I got I also started thinking about my reasoning behind wanting to wear them: to fit in, to impress boys, to show off, etc. My reasons and intentions were clearly not in the right place! Along with this, as I've grown in my faith my desire to be modest and to protect other's hearts has grown too. When I say protect other's hearts I mean I don't ever want to wear a bikini and make boys think of me inappropriately or make other girls self conscious, even if I think I look bad. All of this is just my personal experience and opinion so take it or leave it, I don't think bikinis are bad and they don't bother me when I see other people wearing them, I still own some! But I would encourage you to think about your reasons for wearing them and what your faith or religion has to say! 
Kortni Jeane
So my go to swimsuit brand is Kortni Jeane! Kortni Jeane's mission is to create swimwear that every person, no matter their body type, feels comfortable and confident in! They have a ton of different top and bottom styles that all fit together, they are technically tankinis but I hate that word because I know it can be such a swimsuit turnoff and does not do these suits justice! She releases a new line of prints every other month or so with different solids and prints that all go together, so the possibilities are endless. Finding Kortni Jeane was so refreshing because I didn't think that it was possible to have cute swimsuits that weren't bikinis. I feel so confident in these swimsuits but also so stylish!
The swimsuit pictured is from her current line and I'm in love! This top is a new style and you can literally throw on a high waisted skirt or shorts and wear it to dinner. It can also be worn four different ways: ruffle around shoulders (pictured), with the ruffle under your armpits, the ruffle on one shoulder (SO cute), and the ruffle on your shoulders (perfect so playing in the water and for support).
I know Kortni Jeane is kind of expensive and the patterns aren't for everyone so here are some alternatives!
1. Used Kortni Jeane! If you've read my other fashion posts you may have picked up on that I try to be affordable when it comes to shopping. I know that it can be icky to some people to buy used but most used Kortni Jeane for sale has never been worn because they bought it on sale and it didn't fit or didn't match something they already have, or they wore it once for a photoshoot. I've gotten two Kortni Jeane pieces used and they were as good as the brand new ones I got! I purchase from Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Instagram through the hashtag #kortnijeaneswimmers, and Facebook through the groups 'Kortni Jeane Swimmers Buy/Sell/Trade & Chat' and 'TRENDY SWIM'
2. Half Kortni Jeane! If you do like Kortni Jeane you can always buy her top or bottoms and get high waisted bottoms or a tankini top from somewhere else! I even think it's cute to wear high waisted bottoms with a bikini top!
3. The brand Kortni Jeane isn't huge so you can't really search 'kortni jeane knockoffs' because there isn't any yet. However I search 'high waisted tankinis' to get the same look, especially on Pinterest! 
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