shelf decor

read below on how to decorate shelves like this easily and affordably! 
shelf decor
I have gotten so many compliments on these shelves in my room! I love them too! They are built into my wall and it's actually a secret door that leads to a pump that keeps my room from flooding. Practical and pretty! Today I'm sharing a few details about the items on the shelf and spacing tips!
What's on the shelf?
1. One of my favorite things to fill space and to add a personal touch is pictures! They are so cheap to print off at Target and Walmart and can fill your home with sweet memories and faces of loved ones. I used to only print 4x6 images but the different funky sizes are fun too! Like the one I have on the shelf second from top.
2. I got the light up letter on the bottom shelf as a gift but it is from Target. You can get it here: Target. It's a great night light and even has a built in timer to turn on and off at certain times every day.
3. I love love love deer! I got the deer antlers on the second from bottom shelf from my boyfriend who got them hunting. He didn't like them because they're so small but they were so cute and perfect for decorating to me! If you don't have any hunters in your family, I have also seen fake ones for sale online and real ones at garage sales and flea markets. 
4. The bear and the giraffe are souvenirs from friends and family, one from a national park and one from Africa! I love the colors and the nature they tie in.
5. I'm really bad at taking care of plants and usually water them for the first two days and forget. But I love plants for decorating! For this shelf my take on plants is the cotton on the top shelf, cotton is super popular right now and you can buy it at almost any home decor store in branches or individual buds like pictured. I also have the Christmas tree branch on the second from the top shelf. This Christmas, I bought spare Christmas tree branches from a local Christmas tree farm and stuck this one in a jar of water and it's been alive and green for five months! My kind of plant.
6. The last thing I'll point out is my two calligraphy pieces by my very own business, Caitligraphy Co. The one on the top means enjoyment of life and it was a print from my Paris inspired line that I released last month. The other one was big hit for Valentine's Day and it says "You are my greatest adventure" customizable with your anniversary at the bottom! You can get them here: Caitligraphy Co
Spacing and doing it yourself! 
Hopefully if you've learned one thing so far from this post it's that this is so doable and affordable! I think one thing that holds people back from doing this is that they think they don't have 'the eye' for it. That is such a lie! I know we're not all Joanna Gaines but don't let your fears of decorating hold you back from revamping your living space. One of my biggest helpers is Pinterest! I would encourage you to search 'decorating formula' on Pinterest and it will pop up with little sketches of how to decorate shelves and nightstands, then you can take it from there and really make it your own. 
Thank you for reading this post and hopefully you learned a thing or two! If you have any other questions about the shelves and what's on them feel free to comment below! If you want to say hello or would like your product featured on this blog please fill out my contact form.