Bath Essentials

read about my favorite products for bath time below!
Bath Essentials
1. Bath bombs are definitely the number one essential for a bath! I love this one from Pink Tub Boutique, it is their rose petal and pink clay vanilla bath bomb. I like purchasing my bath bombs from small, all-natural shops so I know what's in them. Baths, especially with bath salts and bombs, are sometimes frowned upon by doctors for women so it's important to be careful with what you put in yours! The one pictured is vegan and has a full ingredient list on their shop page. 
Buy it here: Rose Petal Bath Bomb
2. I also love a good read for the bath because I could spend forever in there! The book pictured is Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. (Any fans of The Office out there will know Mindy as Kelly Kapoor.) Mindy Kaling is one of my all time favorite actresses, she has three non-fiction books that are so funny but encouraging to young women about her road to success, relationships, friendships, and self image! Definitely would recommend! I also listed a few other favorite books of mine below.
Buy her books here: Mindy Kaling Books
3. I take super hot baths so I usually try to have some water with me so I don't get dehydrated. The bottle pictured I love, it was originally a Calypso lemonade bottle, which you can get at most stores or gas stations, and I took off the label and reused it! I also love reusing Vos water bottles. Below are some other cute water bottles I found.
4. Give me all the candles! This candle is from Target but I know of SO many places to get cute candles! T. J. Maxx always has great ones at low prices and so does Target, there's also so many small shops that sell them homemade and all-natural which I love. Below are some of my favorites and make sure you check out my 'My Discounts' tab for coupons to lots of different shops with candles under the personal care section! 
Candle Pictured: Pink Magnolia
5. The product that makes all the difference is the bath tray! The one pictured is just some spare wood I had nailed together but my handyman boyfriend also makes them and would love to help design you a custom one, fill out a contact form for more details! Here are some alternates I also love.
Shop here: RusticModern, and Tech Holder.
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