Date Box

Braydon and I seriously loved our date box! it's a monthly subscription box that comes with a complete date night! read below!
date box
This was Braydon and I's first Date Box but I've been wanting to try for so long! If you've never heard of it, it's a subscription box that comes with all the supplies you need for a date night! Their dates are so unique and affordable considering what they come with. Below I'm describing the box we got, it was one from their fall line but it was still so fun!
The Snack

Since ours was a fall Date Box it came with instructions and ingredients for kettle corn, apple cider, and caramel apples, all we had to provide is the apples! All the snacks turned out super good and it was so fun cooking together, Braydon has some skills! The caramel apples were pretty intense because it was a mix you had to boil to a certain temperature and let it caramelize and stuff... (Braydon did most of it so I don't even know) but it was definitely worth it!
The Game
This was definitely my favorite part, it was called 'Cruise Ship Escape'. It was designed to be like an escape room. It came with 3 envelopes, each with clues and pictures and from them you had to get a code to help solve this crime that takes place on a cruise ship. They have a corresponding app that you enter the codes into that has a timer for the game too. It was a blast and so unique! You really can't get that anywhere else without going to an actual escape room so we loved it.
It also comes with different discussion questions and good conversation starters for you and your significant other for throughout the date. Another part I loved is that each Date 
Box comes with a different spotify playlist with songs specific for the snack and songs specific for the activity! 

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