Off The Shoulder Dress

I love this striped off the shoulder dress! read below on the shoes I paired it with and where I got that darling flower crown!
off the shoulder dress
The Shoes
These are my new favorite shoes! They can look so classy with a dress or casual when paired with denim shorts or jeans. I bought them at Target for only $25! I was super impressed with Target's sandals while I was there, would definitely recommend! Buy them here: shoes.

The Dress
This dress I got at a local boutique called Mark Ashton, it was on sale for only $23! It's blue and white striped with a lace ruffle, there's a picture below with more detail! It was the last one but they always have cute clothes in stock so check them out in Springfield and Branson or shop online here: Mark Ashton

The Flower Crown
On my way home from church I kept noticing all the beautiful wildflowers on the side of the road! So we pulled over and my sweet boyfriend picked these pretty white ones, then we followed a guide on Pinterest and weaved them into this flower crown! We also added a lot of hot glue but it was a super fun Sunday afternoon activity. Here is the guide we used: DIY flower crown.