Bright Box

read below on the sweetest, most affordable box ever!
Bright Box
Unlike most subscription boxes, with Bright Box, you order one at a time and it's meant to be sent to other people! Maybe you want to encourage someone in your life or just brighten their day but you can pick out all of their favorites and it gets delivered straight to their door with a personalized note from you, signed or anonymous! It arrives in the tiny box pictured above You can even send one to the men in your life with their new Man Box! 
One of my favorite parts about Bright Box is their little cute cards that come with each box! Mine said "Hard times will consistently be there, but so will Christ." with little green branches.

The gift mine came with was a mini, harvest spice candle! They also have jewlery, bath bombs, chapstick, nail polish, and soap!

The last thing that makes up a bright box is the treat! I got a caramel chocolate square but they also have hot chocolate and other candy, yum!

Order Here: Bright Box
This is the most affordable subscription box I have ever shared at only $5! Go check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram, @brightboxes