My Eyelash Secret

giving away my eyelash secret! read below!
My Eyelash Secret
I get so many compliments and questions about my eyelashes! I've decided to give out my hack that is known to few, so affordable, and so fabulous!
I'll start by saying that I've tried it all, falsies that stick or glue on, extensions, and different mascaras and curlers and this is the most practical! I love the look of falsies but they take me forever to put on and they always start to peel off in the corners and bother my eyes! I have also gotten eyelash extensions several times and love them but I decided they are too expensive to maintain! So... MAGNETIC EYELASHES are my new thing! I saw people talking about them on Facebook and saw pairs as cheap as $3 on Amazon so I decided to try just for fun! I fell in love and made the switch so fast! They look as good as falsies and and extensions but are cheaper than mascara! They also take as long to put on as it takes me to apply mascara.  Links to my favorites are below and so is a pro and con list I made if that helps you! I also attached a graphic of how you put them on if you don't understand how they work! One more thing I would recommend is getting several pairs because I lose mine sometimes and I would at least recommend getting a "glamor pair" and "everyday pair." Thanks for reading! Make sure to leave a comment and subscribe to my blog to be the first one to see my posts!
How To Apply