Thanksgiving Outfit Guide

shop some of my favorite fall pieces below!
Thanksgiving Outfit Guide
I've gotten a lot of questions on some of these outfits so I decided to do this blog just so I could link a bunch of my favorite winter/fall pieces! To shop click on the name of the item that appears under the picture!
franco fortini winchester boots $69.99
these are the boots in 3 of the pictures above!
bailey button triplett II $220
I'm not sure Uggs are still "in" but these are the boots I'm wearing in the other picture above!
the shirt I have is from a Zara in Barcelona but I can't find it online so here's one super similar!
These are just the ones I have and have posted but check out their website because they have SO many unique options! 
I also love the black, olive, grey, and blush pink ones!
available in 27 colors!
also available in ivory!
so many colors and this website has them cheaper than any store!
I got this one for MSU next year and love it! they have just about every school's colors.
I can't remember where I got my blanket scarf but I found this one from Walmart that's identical and so cheap!