white shirt pictured is from Fashom!
I have been waiting to share about this awesome business with you guys since I first opened their package on my instagram stories! Read below on what they do and what I love about them!
2. Create Account
Next you enter in your information including sizes and what kind of clothes you need, i.e. business attire, etc., and you pick what styles you like out of some sample examples they give you!
3. Stylist Works Magic
Something I thought was cool is they have multiple stylists and you can pick which one you think will style you best based on their picture and location. They style several outfits for you within 24 hours and out of those you pick your favorite pieces to try on at home!
4. Receive Package
Try on all the pieces you chose and make sure you like the fit and material!
5. Keep Your Favs
When you decide which pieces you like, you can get on the app and see how much they cost, from there you select which pieces you are keeping, check out, and ship back the others! The return packing and shipping is included in the first package!
6. Repeat!
You can repeat this as often as you want through the app, save time shopping, and get some super cute stuff!
I really loved my experience with Fashom! I was very pleasantly surprised for everything they found me, the online shopping world is so big I would have never been able to find these pieces on my own and I love them! Showing them my preferences on the app was still much faster and more successful than shopping on my own. Definitely would recommend! I kept this white tassel hem shirt, black embroidered heels, and heart embroidered jeans.