Charblanco is the first teeth whitener I have ever used but I have loved it! I drink coffee and I am pretty young so I definitely need the help and am trying to be proactive about keep my teeth pearly white! Charblanco is awesome because it's all natural, there is no additives or chemicals and it's 100% vegan. It's made up of organic activated charcoal, sodium bicarbonate, mint leaf, orange seed oil, and coconut oil. 
1. How do you apply it? 
Get your toothbrush wet and dip the bristles into the jar of powder, brush as normal! I always rinse with water multiple times after and brush with regular toothpaste to get all the black out of my teeth, this doesn't affect the charblanco at all! 
2. Does it taste bad? 
No! I was nervous about the taste and texture but it really has no taste and once its wet on your toothbrush the texture isn't powdery, this stuff usually bothers me and I am able to use Charblanco with no problems.
You can read other FAQ’s on their website here.